Energy Institute

The Present

We answer the key questions on energy cost, supply and infrastructure in Ireland today.

  • Energy prices

    Do we pay a fair price for our electricity and gas?

    • Electricity prices
    • Gas prices
  • Oil and gas

    Can we afford to rely on imported fossil fuels?

    • Oil and gas
    • Import dependence and fuel mix in electricity generation
  • Electricity

    How do we ensure our electricity system is effective?

    • Electricity interconnectors and new power lines
    • Electricity market – payments and levies
    • Electricity system
  • Energy and climate

    Is our energy sector responding to the threat of climate change?

    • Climate impact
  • Wind and biomass

    What are we doing to make our energy supply more sustainable?

    • Wind
    • Biomass

Electricity interconnectors and new power lines

  • Why do we need new power lines when demand for electricity will not return to boom levels until 2019 at the earliest?

  • Why do we need interconnection between the Republic and Northern Ireland?

  • Could we have an electricity system without transmission lines?

  • Why is our power system connected to Britain?

  • Who should pay for interconnectors with other countries and why?

  • Do we really need the interconnectors?

  • How efficient will new infrastructure be?

Electricity market – payments and levies

  • What are capacity payments?

  • Why do some plants receive money while not producing electricity?

  • Are there times when we produce too much wind?

  • What is the Public Service Obligation and what does it pay for?

  • What is the cost of the Public Service Obligation?

  • Why do we guarantee prices for some generators and not for others?

  • How does the PSO rise or fall when a) gas prices are high, b) gas prices are low, c) wind generation is high, d) wind generation is low?

Electricity system

  • Do the power plants that provide our electricity operate all the time?

  • How is it decided which plants produce our electricity at any given time of the day?

  • Is there a way to avoid paying such high prices to electricity generators at peak times?

  • What types of power plant supply our electricity?