Energy Institute

The Present

We answer the key questions on energy cost, supply and infrastructure in Ireland today.

  • Energy prices

    Do we pay a fair price for our energy?

    • Oil and gas prices
    • Electricity prices
  • Oil and gas

    Can we afford to rely on imported fossil fuels?

    • Import dependence
  • Electricity

    How do we ensure our electricity system is effective?

    • Electricity system
    • Electricity interconnectors and new power lines
    • Electricity market – payments and levies
  • Energy and climate

    Is our energy sector responding to the threat of climate change?

    • Climate impact
  • Renewable Energy

    What are we doing to make our energy supply more sustainable?

    • Onshore Wind
    • Biomass, Solar and Ocean Energy

Oil and gas prices

  • What effect do movements in international oil and gas prices have on our fuel prices?

  • Where does the price of our home heating oil come from?

  • Why has the price of petrol gone down as oil prices fell but the price of gas not fallen by the same amount as international gas prices?

  • Where does Ireland’s gas come from and what determines its price?

  • Can we protect ourselves against price increases?

  • Has the Corrib gas field reduced prices?

  • Would a shale gas discovery in Ireland bring down prices?

  • Do we pay a lot for our gas? Compared to the rest of Europe? And globally?

Electricity prices

  • What determines the price of electricity in Ireland?

  • Do we pay a fair price for our electricity?

  • What makes our electricity prices high?

  • Could our electricity prices be lower?

  • Why do other European countries have cheaper electricity?

  • How is the price for our electricity decided each day?

  • Has the drop in demand for electricity had an effect on prices?

  • How do movements in international gas prices affect our electricity prices?

  • Is there a way to avoid paying such high prices to electricity generators at peak times?