Energy Institute

The Present

We answer the key questions on energy cost, supply and infrastructure in Ireland today.

  • Energy prices

    Do we pay a fair price for our energy?

    • Oil and gas prices
    • Electricity prices
  • Oil and gas

    Can we afford to rely on imported fossil fuels?

    • Import dependence
  • Electricity

    How do we ensure our electricity system is effective?

    • Electricity system
    • Electricity interconnectors and new power lines
    • Electricity market – payments and levies
  • Energy and climate

    Is our energy sector responding to the threat of climate change?

    • Climate impact
  • Renewable Energy

    What are we doing to make our energy supply more sustainable?

    • Onshore Wind
    • Biomass, Solar and Ocean Energy

Import dependence

  • How dependent on imports are we?

  • How much oil do we use in Ireland? Do we have any oil of our own?

  • Where does our oil supply come from? How is it imported or moved around the country?

  • Where does our gas supply come from?

  • When will gas from Irish sources run out?

  • Where does our coal come from?

  • How do we make sure that we always have enough imported fuels to generate our electricity?

  • How will Brexit affect Ireland’s energy sector?