Energy Institute

The Present

We answer the key questions on energy cost, supply and infrastructure in Ireland today.

  • Energy prices

    Do we pay a fair price for our electricity and gas?

    • Electricity prices
    • Gas prices
  • Oil and gas

    Can we afford to rely on imported fossil fuels?

    • Oil and gas
    • Import dependence and fuel mix in electricity generation
  • Electricity

    How do we ensure our electricity system is effective?

    • Electricity interconnectors and new power lines
    • Electricity market – payments and levies
    • Electricity system
  • Energy and climate

    Is our energy sector responding to the threat of climate change?

    • Climate impact
  • Wind and biomass

    What are we doing to make our energy supply more sustainable?

    • Wind
    • Biomass

Oil and gas

  • What effect do movements in international oil and gas prices have on our fuel prices?

  • Where does our oil supply come from? How is it imported or moved around the country?

  • Where does the price of our home heating oil come from?

  • Why has the price of petrol gone down as oil prices fell but the price of gas not fallen by the same amount as international gas prices?

Import dependence and fuel mix in electricity generation

  • How dependent on imports are we?

  • How do we make sure that we always have enough imported fuels to generate our electricity?

  • Where does Ireland get its electricity?

  • Where does our gas supply come from?

  • When will gas from Irish sources run out?

  • Why do we need different sources of energy for electricity generation? Gas, coal, wind, peat?

  • How should we decide what generation sources we use in the future?