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Where does Ireland get its electricity?

In 2014 about 45% of our electricity was generated from natural gas, 96% of which was imported from Scotland 1 (Figure 3). Most of that gas originated in the North Sea with Continental Europe and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) imports to Britain making up the balance.

Figure 4. Electricity Supply in Ireland in 2014, by fuel type (%)

SEAI (2015) Energy in Ireland 1990-2014. Available Online


  • Natural gas
  • Coal
  • Interconnector
  • Wind
  • Peat
  • Hydro
  • Other

The coal-fired electricity generating station at Moneypoint supplied 14.3% of our electricity needs using coal imported from Columbia (Figure 4).

About 32% of our electricity was generated from Irish sources in 2014. These were wind, peat, hydro and other renewable sources (biomass, biogas and wastes) 2.

In the same year (2014) we imported about 7.6% of our electricity from the Britain via the East-West interconnector.